The Up-Sell Killed the Whole Deal

I needed one of these It’s a GENIE Carriage Inner Slide Chain Drive. In simpler terms, it’s a little piece of plastic that attaches to the chain of a Garage Door Opener that makes it possible to engage or disengage the door from the chain. This is for a house I am selling. The Opener is […]

“Remember not the things of the Past”

“I am doing something NEW – Begin AGAIN!” Together now: “Remember not the things of the Past – I am doing something NEW – Begin AGAIN!” I heard this in church this past Sunday and had to write it down. How often do we remember the things of the past and allow them to control our […]

Talking Smack

How often do you run into a person who seems to be personally committed to ruining your day? Unfortunately, it happens all too often! The odd part about this is that it is as counter-productive as almost anything a person could do . . . and is something that I borrow from the sports fields […]

Discipline and Preparation (or lack thereof) Can Make You (or Break You)!

Ever heard the sayings: All hat, no cattle? All talk, no Action? As tough as this may sound, I believe that if you’re not going to bring your BEST, don’t show up! What’s your best? Well .  . . What’s your core purpose? Why are you doing what you do? When you do it, what […]

It’s not “personal” . . .

Doesn’t matter: How big and strong you are . . . How “bulletproof” you believe yourself to be . . . How marvelous, good-looking and charismatic you think you are . . . How skilful and adept you are at your trade . . . How clean your reputation is and how influential you are […]