PEOPLE Can’t live with them . . . Can’t live without them . . . Some we love . . . Some we hate . . . Some we love AND hate . . . Regardless of what we project, we are all interested in some level of acceptance and/or “approval” of the people around us. […]


When’s the last time you left a restaurant “Disappointed”? What did you expect when you decided to dine there? How was the experience not what you expected? Was it the people? The service? The Smell? The Taste or presentation of the food? Did you tell anyone about your disappointment before leaving? What are the odds […]

Personal Market Value

What are you worth? Seriously! What’s your value to other people? Why do people choose YOU you hang out with, do business with, Friend you, love you . . . Why you instead of everyone else? It’s a free market out there for relationships. Everyone has lots of options . . . The “inventory” of […]


Good morning! The week is looking like it’s going to be a fun week. The real estate market here in Nashville isn’t exactly Rock’n & Roll’n, but it IS moving, and I can sense the momentum building. There’s even a hint of excitement in the air as we watch the inventory gradually decline and notice more […]

How powerful is your sphere of influence?

Odds are good that you don’t have the foggiest notion as to how powerful your sphere of influence is . . . REALLY! Because . . . I am a firm believer that every person (non-hermit) on the planet has 150-250 good, solid relationships . . . and another 700-900 casual relationships all of which […]