Relocation Companies – Friend or Foe?

Back in the day, most REALTORS LOVED relocation companies because lots of companies used them to relocate lots of employees (mostly executives). I knew several agents whose entire businesses were working with incoming and outgoing referrals exclusively with Relocation companies. This was their livelihood, and they didn’t mind paying the high referral fees because the […]

When is “Local” REALLY LOCAL?

Perception is not always reality. Take, for example, your “Local Real Estate Professional” . . . The myth (Perception) is that they’re all the same . . . That just because they call themselves a “Local Real Estate Expert” (SURELY they wouldn’t fib about this?) they KNOW the local market – the ins and outs […]

Pareto Reserve offers WIN-WIN-WIN Referrals!

Everyone WINS! Here’s how it works: WIN #1 Seasoned Real Estate Professional decides to pursue another career or retire She has a devoted “following” of loyal clients from her years of serving Home Buyers and Sellers. She would love to be able to “Sell” her Real Estate Practice just as a Doctor would, but can’t […]

Personal Market Value

What are you worth? Seriously! What’s your value to other people? Why do people choose YOU you hang out with, do business with, Friend you, love you . . . Why you instead of everyone else? It’s a free market out there for relationships. Everyone has lots of options . . . The “inventory” of […]