Working Expired and Withdrawn Listings Legally and Ethically

First . . . My disclaimer . . . I am a Real Estate Principal Broker of a firm I solely own (Pareto Realty). If you’re a REALTOR and you are not affiliated with Pareto Realty or Pareto Reserve, I am not YOUR Broker so if you want clarification on any of the below, be […]

The REALTOR Code of Ethics – what does it say about a REALTOR’s use of the Internet?

If you’re in Middle Tennessee, you’re hereby invited to a 2 hour “Reading of the REALTOR Code of Ethics” followed by a FREE LUNCH sponsored by Lakeside Title & Escrow. FRIDAY January 13 – 9 til 11 (Lunch Following) Pinnacle Bank Learning Center Green Hills 2307 Crestmoor Please RSVP by return email if you’re coming. […]

“Adhering to a Code of Ethics” is more than simple rhetoric.

Fewer professions than most people realize even have an Official Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Many folks confuse the notion of “Professional” to mean that there are ethical guidelines. In many professions this doesn’t hold water. Attorneys have The Attorneys‘ Code of Ethics and The Lawyer’s Code of Professional Responsibility Doctors have an Hippocratic Oath REALTORS have the Code […]