3 Things . . . 2 FREE Lunches

Thing 1: Thursday July 12 . . . 10-12:30 – FREE You’re invited to a personal 2 hour workshop where NOTHING is for sale (This is not a sales pitch for anything) – “Life Rhythm Way” is about orchestrating your life to have some semblance (The illusion of) BALANCE – We’re going to explore time […]

5048 Lakeview Lane – Oak Hill – Radnor Lake – Nashville, TN 37220

Lakeview is a quiet little street that deadends into the Radnor Lake property. It’s on the “Back side” away from all the noise 🙂 Sometimes, I get the opportunity to list a house for sale that REALLY excites me . . . and because I’m a Nature lover, 5048 Lakeview is a REAL winner. When […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Managing the details

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! We’re only a few days from the arrival of a new year, and the anticipation is HUGE. What’s 2012 got for us? This is the day after Christmas, and we pulled out all the stops here at the Owen House. We had our traditional “Christmas Eve Rib Feast” . . . […]