Monday Morning Coffee – Full of THANKS!

Good Monday Morn to ya! If you’re anything like me, this is going one very unfocused, scattered, non-productive week, but that’s OK because I think we’ve ALL got a LOT for which we can be thankful. I’m guessing if you’re reading this post, you probably have a roof over your head, food in your refrigerator […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Veterans Day – What Do YOU Stand for?

As a Veteran, Veterans Day brings a rush of memories from my own days of service and myriad thoughts about all of the brave Soldiers who have EVER served in the Armed forces of the United States of America. Of course in times of war, there are many other people who served in different (civilian) […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Your Life Rhythm Budget

Some folks saw the word “Budget” in the title and have chosen not to read this post. “Budget” has a bad rap for many people because of implications of “Discipline” – “Restrictions” – “Boundaries” – “Rigidity” – “Creativity/Innovation inhibitor” . . . “Budget” often offers the perfect escape hatch from new ideas for PIC’s (People […]

A veritable GOLDMINE – FREE!

Generosity abounds . . . Read to the bottom for some great FREE resources – DO IT TODAY 4/28 because one of these offers expires at the end of the day. One very COOL thing the internet has done for us all is to give VERY generous (and smart/wise) people a platform to share some […]

A Difference between setting Goals and what it Takes to Achieve them

How many years have you set VERY clear goals at the beginning of the year only to have the same year as before . . . over and over and over? Kinda jades your opinion of Goal Setting after a few years, doesn’t it? Defines “Insanity” – Doing the same things every year with the […]