Left to fend for yourself?

Being abandoned in unfamiliar territory can be terrifying. It seems even more onerous when the person who brung ya there is the abandoner. When you’re participating in someone else’s process, you’re lacking the one thing most people crave . . . CONTROL! So . . . How do you feel when the “Expert” leaves you […]

Eating an Elephant . . .

Regardless of your religious/Spiritual beliefs, there’s a message here worthy of your attention (IMHO) There’s a little bit of everything here . . . even alluding to one of my favorites: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time . . . It’s that first message that I think we need to […]

Setting up a printer isn’t what it used to be . . .

About a month ago, I decided it was time to supplement (Not ready to replace) my HP 5P Laser Printer (Manufactured October 1996) with a printer that could go faster. Man . . . I LOVE that HP5P . . . For nearly 17 years, it has cranked out crisp black and white documents with […]

So . . . Do you ask your clients for feedback and/or testimonials after the closing?

The real truth is that I have NOT been asking my clients for feedback and testimonials after the closing. Why not? I haven’t the foggiest clue . . . REALLY . . . Why would ANYONE squander all of that (usually) good MOJO while it’s still fresh? Candid and Construction Feedback is INVALUABLE ¬†(As long […]

Your Process Expertise is your best Leverage

Every job/profession has a “process” . . . The way things happen to deliver the service or product the customer/client expects. The smoother the process AND the more pleasing the outcome for the Customer = repeat¬†and referral business. If you want to be famous for ANYTHING, have the smoothest process of anyone in your line […]