“Pricing” Simplified!

We’re in a market in which pricing a house RIGHT can be very enigmatic. NAILING a price happens by gut instinct more often than we care to admit. The more anal retentive amongst us are hell bent on finding sufficient “Comparable Sales,” hyper analyzing current inventory and market conditions, and peering into crystal balls. In […]

When the WHOLE neighborhood is over-priced, how can a Seller “Price right”?

I call this a “Zero-Basis” market. In this squirrelly economy, house values can be tricky to nail down. We all know what the Sellers THINK their houses are worth because we can clearly see how the “For Sale” houses are priced . . . Are any of them SELLING at or close to their listing […]

The “All Home Sellers Are Desperate” Syndrome . . .

Surely anyone who has decided to sell a house in this economy MUST be doing so in sheer DESPERATION! What rational being could even POSSIBLY think that a house could sell quickly for “enough” money these days? After all . . . Doesn’t EVERYONE know that the statistics for home sales are in the crapper […]

When a house is properly prepared for the market . . .

I’ve had loads of FUN this week because I stumbled upon 2 of the BEST clients EVER. These days, we REALTORS know that in order to sell a house in this market, we must have as close to “perfect” as we can get with respect to condition and pricing. To position ourselves in the market […]

Home Owners are the Ninja Marketers when selling

As a REALTOR, there’s nothing I’d like better than to take full credit for the quick and smooth closing of a newly listed for sale house. I know better . . . After all, my primary function in the real estate transaction is to drive the process including advising the Owner on sales related issues, […]