On being a mouse in a maze

Like it or not, you’re a mouse in a maze. The good news is that your speed and efficiency improves over time just as this little guy completes the maze faster with each run The only real problem is that with every iteration, you build “memory” (both mental and physical) which is fine and dandy […]

If you’re not doing these 2 things you are not in business

Every business owner MUST build a business that does THESE 2 things well: Lead Generate Lead Convert If you are a sole proprietor, YOU are responsible for doing these 2 things well enough to create the income necessary to stay in business. The secret to success is to engage appropriate LEVERAGE to create an environment […]

Better Living with Power Tools

In May of 2016 I bought a small (21 acre) farm. For many years, this property had been well maintained by long-time owners but was relatively neglected for the past several (8) years, so I had a LOT of work to do. The grass was literally waist high, and there was evidence of lots of […]