When you don’t know what to do . . .

There are those times when we simply don’t know what to do. Of course the strong, burly types would never admit to needing help or counsel. Most Men wouldn’t DARE stop and ask for directions. Many professionals are so proud of their depth of knowledge, they wouldn’t even think of showing any sign of weakness […]

Knowledge and Information

Most of us have a LOT of information in our heads. I know people who have virtually every factoid you could imagine about college Football. Someone might say they are “Knowledgeable,” and they might be right. Information is that stuff you memorized in school and regurgitated on the test. To be knowledgeable, a person has […]

Organized enough to handle a high volume of business?

Believe it or not, one of most prohibitive barriers inhibiting the average person from being productive at a high level is ORGANIZATION (lack thereof). Most folks in sales have the ability, agility, capacity, skill set to generate more than “enough” leads to fill their business pipeline, but when it comes to the follow-up and servicing […]

A Difference between setting Goals and what it Takes to Achieve them

How many years have you set VERY clear goals at the beginning of the year only to have the same year as before . . . over and over and over? Kinda jades your opinion of Goal Setting after a few years, doesn’t it? Defines “Insanity” – Doing the same things every year with the […]


PEOPLE Can’t live with themĀ . . . Can’t live without them . . . Some we love . . . Some we hate . . . Some we love AND hate . . . Regardless of what we project, we are all interested in some level of acceptance and/or “approval” of the people around us. […]