Will you accept responsibility?

You are your own megaphone! Who are you broadcasting yourself to be? Will you admit to being influenced by: Digital peer pressure? “Independence brings freedom, but also responsibility.” Seth Godin hits the nail on the head . . . AGAIN! Do you have an awareness that, in many ways, you choose to define yourself by […]

Before you commit to that new project, just THINK!

This idea could be worth a MILLION BUCKS! How often do you think of a GREAT, NEW business idea that you KNOW will be a REAL WINNER in your market? You see this gaping hole in the market and can vividly see a “fix” . . . NO ONE else understands how to fix it, […]

Knowing when to hold’m (say YES) and when to fold’m (say NO)

Figure this one out, and you’ll have one of the golden keys to liberating yourself and others. Both “YES” and “NO” are very powerful words which, if used appropriately, are the main instruments of choice. When you say “Yes,” to what are you saying “NO?” Same with “No” – When you say it, what’s the […]

Highest and Best

“Highest and Best” seems to be showing up in conversations relating to myriad topics these days. Some ways I hear folks apply: We have multiple offers! Give me your Highest and Best offer NLT 5 PM tomorrow. We will let you know if you win the property by 10 AM next day. What’s the Highest […]

No Competition!

Wouldn’t it be great if you had NO competition? In that world, your phone would ring and provide you with a consistent flow of good, quality leads. These leads would be people who are JUST like the people with whom you most enjoy working. These new customers and clients would respect your time and boundaries […]