Monday Morning Coffee – “Celebrate Good Times C’Mon”

It’s been a rare weekend of Celebration in the Owen House. Friday was our “Business Celebration” as our “Baby” Pareto Realty rang in our 3rd year of business. It was a festive day with a nice lunch and many stories. We’re excited about our present . . . a new website which will go LIVE […]

The BEST Birthday EVER!

When I went to bed Tuesday night I was 49 years old. When I woke up yesterday morning, I was 50 years old. August 8, 2012 marks the day I hit 1/2 a CENTURY old. WOW! Some nice things happened throughout the day – Deb cooked a delicious breakfast. At the Board of Directors Meeting […]

Party Animal? How Holiday Networking differs.

Tis the season to party! Not all of us are “Party Animals”, though. I’m one of those folks who resists going to parties where there will lots of people I don’t know. My “behavioral profile” tells me that I really don’t like people very much. I’ll put lots of energy into finding reasons not to […]