What Tiguan, Nike, and Pareto Realty have in Common

Tiguan I saw a Volkswagon Tiguan in traffic this morning and wondered what “Tiguan” meant, so I asked Daughter Jessica to Google it for me. Here’s what she found “The name Tiguan, pronounced TEE-gwan, is a portmanteau of the German words Tiger (“tiger”) and Leguan (“iguana”)[5]“ The tag line rounds out the meaning: “The people want to play, but they want to play nice.” I […]

How scared are you?

Are you scared? Who Scared you? What are you scared of? What are YOU scared of? Scaredy cat scaredy cat . . . Is it a good scared or a BAD scared? Is this scaredness paralyzing you or forcing you to get moving? Why? Mario Andretti said: “If everything feels like it’s under control, you’re […]


I took a break – 3 days without writing a blog post. It’s not that I was shunning/abdicating my responsibility, I just didn’t have the mojo and thought that if I took a little “nap” I might recharge the batteries enough to put out some good content. and so I napped . . . for […]

Stoic Leadership

I’ve been thinking a lot about what this world needs more of, and the words “Stoic Leadership” popped into my mind . . . so I googled to see what I could find about it. This brought me to a blog post that I have quoted some (not all) of the content below – Click […]