No Pictures? It didn’t happen . . .

The #OwenHollow Spring Cookout happened on Saturday May 18, 2019 . . . or did it? There was no “no picture taking” rule in effect. I was the host, and my only “Directives” were Directions to the Hollow (Because GPS won’t take you there), the price of admission was simply: “Bring Goodwill, yourself, and anyone […]

The best reason to show up at more meetings.

We all have more than our fair shares of invitations to meetings. Some meetings are more “relevant and important” than others. Before committing to attend, most folks want to know WIIFM (What’s in it for me?). At a minimum, We want to know the topic/theme . . . even better if we can know who […]

Let’s make hay while the sun is shining

Good Morning!Very little (if any) rain is in the forecast this week in Middle TN . . . YAY! Spring has sprung in Owen Hollow –¬†Looks like Imma gonna hafta cut some grass next weekend.In today’s Http://, I talked about “deciding to start” . . . That’s my theme for this week. With the seemingly […]

Deliver more than promised

Not everyone wants to be rich and famous! In fact, most of those who want fame and fortune won’t get “there”. This is a “Chicken or egg” scenario: Which is it? Do you achieve fame and fortune because that was your goal (to be rich & famous)? OR . . . Do you achieve fame […]