Highest and Best

“Highest and Best” seems to be showing up in conversations relating to myriad topics these days. Some ways I hear folks apply: We have multiple offers! Give me your Highest and Best offer NLT 5 PM tomorrow. We will let you know if you win the property by 10 AM next day. What’s the Highest […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Now!

As I watch the whirlwind of political shenanigans we are all witnessing at all levels . . . and I witness the general public disdain for the way virtually ALL of our elected “Representatives” are behaving . . . I often wonder why more folks can’t just focus more on NOW. In my microcosm of […]

Why wait?

I wonder how many houses are “available” . . . but not on the market. WHY would a house be “available” . . . but not on the market? What’s the point? Is it some kind of fancy-schmancie voodoo reverse psychological mystique? Playing hard to get? Is the Seller “Timing the market?” “We’ll keep it […]

Time for Retreat?

How often do you take yourself on a retreat? When’s the last time you carved out a bit of time (Couple hours or days) during which you were accountable ONLY to yourself with no outside noise or distractions whatsoever? This does not require checking yourself into a┬ámonastery for ultimate isolation, but that’s definitely a sure-fire […]