The Goal: Total Market Presence via Niche Strategy

We’re not striving for “Market Dominance . . . Market Proliferation”! We don’t want to “OWN” the market . . . That sounds like WAY too much work. Once you “own” something like a market, you become the largest target for anyone and everyone and thus find yourself shifting from Offense to Defense as you […]

Jack of all trades – Master of none

It’s veritable swirling smorgasbord cacophony of possibilities coming at us every day. Yep . . . There are SO many things any and all of us can decide to adopt into our daily lives. In fact, The Home Depot teases you with invitations to do it yourself . . . and promises that having the […]

The Leading Authority in Nashville Real Estate

When you want to know why something happened, who do you call? Of course, you would call “the leading authority” in that area of expertise, right? That’s what the media does. When news BREAKS, they scramble to learn the details and to find the leading authority who can help them decipher (make sense of) what […]

Do you want a system or a solution?

So you have a problem, and you want to hire a Professional to fix it. Let’s say you notice a 1/2″ crack in the exterior wall of your house from the earth to the second floor. It’s a stair step crevice that you’ve never noticed before, so you’re thinking something happened recently. Not wanting the […]