Within walking distance . . .

NOWHERE is too far to walk if you have the time. Everywhere you need to be, then, is within walking distance. If this is true, aren’t there plenty of prospects for your business within walking distance of your home or office? Do you really need a car? There now! I just saved you several thousand […]

The Battle of the Brands – Sales Teams Vs Firm

Will EGO win? Some particular savvy Real estate Sales Professionals are so good at generating leads for their business that the yield of their marketing outperforms their ability to serve. These “Mega-Lead-Generators” have some choices: Serve only the leads they choose to serve and abandon the rest – I have this vision of a burning […]

OH! THEY Based Their Price on THAT listing!

“I jumped over the cliff because HE jumped over the cliff.” “Well – Everyone ELSE was doing it, so I thought it was COOL!” My NEIGHBOR told me she’s seen inside that house, and MINE is MUCH better. I’ve got a $237,000 swimming pool and outdoor living area . . . My curb appeal is […]

On becoming the “Mayor” of your Niche Market

There 2 kinds of businesses – Generalized and Specialized. Some folks might think I’m over-simplifying . . . I think not. Both of these kinds of business can grow and become profitable albeit in very different ways. There’s something deceiving about this . . . some of the businesses you might think are “generalists” might […]

Shifting Market Mentality

This is for all those folks out there who think they’ve got a good mental grasp on the housing market . . . You’re playing mind-games with yourself. Just when you think you’ve got it, something shifts. New regulations show up . . . All the builders suddenly shift their focus to another part of […]