When “Better Than New” IS possible . . .

In all my 20+ years of selling real estate in Middle Tennessee, I have been the curmudgeon when it comes to being a believer that ANY house could be “Better than new.” How can something – ANYTHING – that’s already been “used” be “Better Than New?” Wouldn’t “Normal wear and tear” ┬ámake it less good […]

A blank Canvas – Minimalist Staging

For home buyers buying a NEW house, One of the exciting parts of the process is the “Selections.” The Buyer gets to pick colors, appliances, fixtures, flooring, etc thereby “customizing” the house to be theirs on move-in day. Buyers buying resale houses inherit someone else’s selections and may or may not be in love with […]

New Home Construction awakening from Coma – Will have a twisted path to Recovery

Here in Middle Tennessee, there’s a lot of new construction happening. It seems that anywhere I go in town I see “In-fill” construction and new residential and commercial developments (large and small) popping up. By the look of it, you’d think we’re in FULL RECOVERY. The good news is that things are moving and improving, […]

N – S – E – W – Developments Springing up in all directions

I’ve noticed a trend here in Middle Tennessee. The Developers and Builders are BUSY! Yep! they’re back in business, and it’s not just in isolated areas of Nashville. There’s Building and Development happening ALL over Nashville and surrounding cities/burbs. New businesses and manufacturing plants are starting to show up, and with each new entry comes […]

Re-allocate that election energy . . .

It’s over! The Election is OVER! The campaigns are OVER! Now . . . Let’s get back to business. For nearly 2 years, we’ve heard every politician spewing rhetoric about how they all intend to steer America towards economic recovery through job creation. Little did they know . . . we REALTORS have been conspiring […]