Your Assistant is VERY nice, BUT . . .

I want to present my offer to YOU! I know this would be a huge inconvenience for you because you ARE such a BUSY agent, and your time is so very precious and guarded. I would have called you directly, but it seems that you don’t share your personal cell number with anyone, so the […]

In Search of . . .

When you boil all of the fat out of the Process of Buying or Selling a house, you’re left with 4 primary components. Search Analysis Negotiation Completion The client (Home Buyer or Seller) has the responsibility of making ALL of the decisions based on personal wants and needs and tolerance of risk/reward . . . […]

Call, Text, Email, DM, FB, LI, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, Smoke Signals, Morse Code . . .

When the message is IMPORTANT, don’t rely on just one. In this world of instant communication, how is it that so many people fail to communicate? Could it be that there’s no longer a “standard” mode of communication, therefore MIS-communication often happens just because the peeps in the conversation are on different platforms? Back in […]

Confirming receipt

Call Office – Leave Message – No response! Call Cell Phone – Leave Message – No response! Send Text Message – No Response! Send Email – No Response! Congratulations! You’ve found a “Communication Black Hole” If there’s ONE thing that can single-handedly┬ástifle achievement of success in business and relationships, it’s failure to communicate. NOTHING is […]

Drama Infused Negotiation Strategy (DINS)

Negotiations are important! After all, without some level of diplomacy and order . . . any time people have differences of opinion, it serves everyone quite well to have a “process” in place to resolve these differences or agree to disagree (and thereby go separate ways) PEACEFULLY! Each of us has our own “Negotiating Strategy”: […]