“What is School for?” – Monday Morning Coffee!

In observance of Labor Day, Monday Morning Coffee comes on Tuesday 🙂 I haven’t been quiet about my opinions about where the next Mayor of Nashville MUST focus immediately after the swearing in. EDUCATION TRAFFIC CONGESTION (Mass Transit/Infrastructure) SAFETY Essentially, Nashville is on a tremendous GROWTH surge (which is awesomely cool), but has been neglecting […]

If you’re not going to be on time . . .

Call before the appointed time and beg forgiveness. We all occasionally lose track of time and/or appointments. It happens, and no-one will judge us . . . Unless . . . we fail to communicate. Don’t leave folks hanging in the lurch. In that call, apology comes first followed by an offer to reschedule. I’ve […]

How do you know if it’s done right?

Every time I take my car to the shop, I feel out of control. A visit for a simple oil change could turn into much more – Rotate tires – New Brake Pads – “Scheduled Maintenance” etc – and the costs pile on. A few weeks after my last oil change, my car started “Knocking” […]

Pick up the phone and call

When you really want to communicate something important, say it with meaning. You can’t do this by text message, email, voice mail, snap chat, direct message, or smoke signals. When “In person” isn’t possible, voice to voice is way better than any of the above. Electronic communication is mono-dimensional – little, if any, depth. Sure! […]

It’s fancy, but does it work?

This is a “Useless Box” Post by Yo Mama. What I love about this is there no trickery or deceit . . . That box really IS useless for anything other than idle amusement. I think just about everyone would tire of flicking the button after a few hundred tries. These days. there’s no shortage […]