2019 Residential Real Estate Observations for Mid TN

The statistics are unfathomable . . . So I’m not going to tackle reporting those in detail. Instead, let’s talk about things from a more holistic approach. What kind of market is this? (STRONG) Where are the HOT spots? (EVERYWHERE in Middle TN) When will things turn – cool down? (NOT in the foreseeable future) […]

The Early bird makes hay while the sun is shining

I made it to the office in record time this morning. Traffic was – well – non-existent, and my usual 45 minute commute was 18 minutes. Today is the Vernal Equinox . . . The official first day of Spring. I knew traffic would be light not because of the advent of Spring or the […]

Walking the talk and practicing what we preach . . .

OK Folks! It’s time for some good ol’fashioned preachin’ to the choir. Let’s get as real as we can get WRT being authentic in everything we say and do. If you are reading this blog post, I’m going to make the assumption that you are a Leader who is interested in improving your life and […]

What IS Broker Supervision?

The Principal Broker of any Real Estate Firm is responsible for the actions of EVERY one of the member agents. In the eyes of The Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC), when an agent misbehaves resulting in a complaint by a member of the public or another Real Estate Licensee, and TREC ¬†finds the agent guilty […]

The Buy a House in Nashville Conundrum

It ain’t as easy as the generally uninformed public thinks it should be to buy a house or condominium in Nashville, TN. The news will tell ya the market here is GREAT, and the statistics will show marked increases in volume of sales and robust appreciation over recent prior years. Does this mean our market […]