Monday Morning Coffee – We’ve Only Just Begun

Sharing Horizons that are new to us . . . I was thinking about all of the change happening in Nashville after hearing SO many people buzzing about it. It seems that a BIG, NEW project starts popping out of the ground every day . . . or we hear about a huge imminent change, […]

Monday morning coffee – Why NOW?

Scarcity is a driver of demand but scarcity is not the ONLY driver of demand. If it were, people would “settle” for whatever is “Getable NOW?” rather than taking the time and energy to find something better. This is true in most everything. This week, I have seen a series of mutually exclusive blog and […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Are there any GOOD Deals out there?

What does “GOOD Deal” mean to you? This is the question I fire back when a prospective client asks me if there are any “GOOD Deals” out there. It’s a far safer reply than the response that first comes to mind (which might be misinterpreted as a flippant dismissal): Of course! There are LOTS of […]

Back Yard Bliss without breaking the bank

Since buying our house 4 years ago, Debbie and I have been in the mood to create the perfect “Back Yard Bliss” This “Bliss” is all about enjoying entertaining in our back yard in relative privacy. Most rational folks would first ask us why it’s taken FOUR years to move from being “in the mood” […]

Those who “Keep it LOCAL” will ALWAYS win

Zillow Termination of RealTracs Public Data Feed Represents a Change for BETTER When Real Estate Agents throughout Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, and Northern Alabama checked their email this morning, we saw a press release from Stuart White CEO of Realtracs Solutions our Multiple Listing Service Provider announcing the above decision of Zillow. I say “KUDOS” […]