Hockey – Your Work and Life

How many shots attempted result in a puck finding the back of the net? For the 2018-19 season, the Nashville Predators had 2678 Shots on goal. They scored 236 goals . . . 8.8% success. I’ve watched a lot of Hockey this year, and have been fascinated by the seemingly zero correlation between shots attempted […]

What we have here is a failure to be offensive

If you’re not being offensive, you’re not moving forward. You’re treading water or rocking in a rocking chair expending energy and going nowhere. or You’re being defensive with your primary mission becoming an all out pursuit of not much more than survival. In that defensive posture, the main objective is to keep your opponent from […]

The resolve to win

The Nashville Predators are making history on the ice . . . Even as 2 of their “best” players are not playing due to injuries, the team has rallied to win their way to a 3-2 advantage in their “Best of 7” contest with the Anaheim Ducks. The announcers of the game on Saturday were […]