This Real Estate Market Is EPIC!

It’s a ticking Time BOMB! We’re starting the 4th week of 2014, and I am polishing up the crystal ball best I can to see what I can see about what the future holds for us in the Real Estate Market. If I were to put a “Label” on my findings thus far, it would […]

The perfect script for a salesperson

What do you need? Why? When do you need it? What else do you need? Why? When do you need it? What else do you need? Why? When do you need it? Repeat these questions and take good notes until you’ve got a solid list of needs. Prioritize this list from most important to least […]

As the inventory dwindles . . . Wants and Needs pendulum

OK Middle TN Home Buyers . . . You’re starting to lose your edge. I know that’s tough news to take because you’ve been on TOP for at least 5 years now, but it’s true . . . y’all have bought more houses than have been listed this year . . . and the pickings […]

Monday Morning Coffee – The Bluff . . .

Good Morning! I hope your week is off to a good start. Have you ever watched the Poker championships on TV? I don’t make a habit of watching them mostly because I’m not a poker player and don’t understand the rules, but . . . There’s a LOT to be learned there with respect to […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Who’s buying houses these days?

Not a day passes when someone doesn’t stop me and ask: “How’s the Real Estate Market?” I answer: “STEADY and STRONG!” Because I know there are really TWO real Estate Markets co-existing side-by-side . . . The VISIBLE market which tends to be full of all of the drama of the day (Doom & Gloom) […]