How your cell phone addiction may be damaging your life and career

Do other people people have 24/7/365 access to you? If so, are you really ever alone? When you are with someone – anyone – Family, friend, work associate, customer/client, are you ever truly present with them? How long can you focus without interruption? Is there any such thing as a “full night of sleep” with […]

So you say you’re a multi-tasker . . .

I know lots of people who pride themselves on their multi-tasking abilities. Don’t judge me, but . . . I hear more of this bragging from women than Men. and . . . I DO believe that most women are better at multi-tasking than most men. Women just seem to be more “wired” to tackle […]

It only takes ONE!

ONE “RIGHT” Buyer for a house (or whatever it is that you’re selling). ONE great idea to “BREAK THROUGH” the barrier. ONE FOCUS! ONE new lead every day! ONE Marketing Strategy! ONE Discipline ONE Consistent and Persistent ACTION ONE Sphere of Influence (YOURS) “Singleness” beats Multifaceted/Multitasking every time. That on which we FOCUS, EXPANDS! It […]