The Escalation Clause – Just (DON’T) Do It!

How can a Home Buyer WIN in a Multiple offer contest? Here in Middle Tennessee, we’re fresh out of Housing inventory in many segments of our market. There are plenty of “Ravenously Hungry” Buyers out there watching the market like hawks and POUNCING on anything that appears in their sights. It’s market conditions like these […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Bluff Teflon

Good Monday Morning! The past several weeks in the Middle Tennessee Residential Real Estate Market have been nothing but exciting. Things got off to an early start in 2013 with “record Numbers of sales” beginning in January after years of “Doldrums.” While there have moments of pause, the pace has not tapered as the inventory […]

When There are no recent comparable sales . . .

When you’re selling a house or a piece of land, and it’s in a neighborhood in which there have been virtually ZERO sales in the past year or there have been sales that are NOTHING like the one you’re selling . . . How do you determine the price? Some folks might think that we […]

Building Buyer Excitement for New Listing – Art (not science)

Listing agents dance on a fine line when working with Home Sellers to prepare their house for the market . . . and then coordinating a marketing strategy that builds Buyer Excitement and anticipation. We all know that there is such a thing as not enough preparation. If the staging, condition, smell, and pricing aren’t […]