Creating URGENCY to BUY NOW!

Retailers take great pride in creating impulse purchase opportunities. There’s a complete science around show-room and store display designs. Each retailer puts tremendous thought into where they place certain products and how they price all of their inventory. “Loss leader pricing” dangles unbelievably bargain priced goods in near proximity to highly profitable items with the […]

How scared are you?

Are you scared? Who Scared you? What are you scared of? What are YOU scared of? Scaredy cat scaredy cat . . . Is it a good scared or a BAD scared? Is this scaredness paralyzing you or forcing you to get moving? Why? Mario Andretti said: “If everything feels like it’s under control, you’re […]

Heard today: “Accountability doesn’t work!”

REALLY? This comment came at the end of session I facilitated during which I stressed the importance of having a strong accountability network built around the participants’ efforts to implement The Life Rhythm Way. Throughout the session, my mantra was that understanding the flow of the “system” was only the beginning . . . that […]

Is this Heptagram your ticket to success?

Seth Godin dropped this jewel of a blog post a couple of days ago – I read it and instantly (mentally) labelled it as “Brilliant!” but then I didn’t really know what to do with it . . . so I let it sit in my in-box a few days. Now I know . . […]

When’s the BEST time to put your house on the market?

Answer the following questions . . . Then decide “NOW” or “LATER” Why do you ask? Are you thinking about making a move? What’s going on in your life that compels you to pull up your roots and transplant yourself and your family to another house? Do you HAVE to move? Is it about MONEY, […]