Monday Morning Coffee – 2012 Isn’t over yet

We’ve sure had more than our fair share of perfect weather this Fall here in Middle TN. Just as the weather has stayed warm, so has the real estate market . . . and even as we slide into the holiday season, the activity with home sales isn’t showing signs of tapering. Buyers are Buying […]

Your flywheel . . . Did you know you have one? How are you keepin’ it spinning?

The book flavor of the week for me is How the Mighty Fall – and Why some companies Never Give In by Jim Collins. Jim also wrote the (more acclaimed) Good to Great. This is a fun and thought provoking read . . . Ostensibly written to unpack years of research about LARGE companies and […]


Momentum builds as a result of the compilation of many single tasks . . . and thereby often creates the illusion (in the eyes of the casual observer) of sudden and awe-inspiring success. when’s the last time you saw a train sprint out of the station? “Overnight success” is almost always a myth. Success shows […]