Insulating yourself from the Financial Roller Coaster

For many Real Estate Professionals (and other Independent contractors/Self-Employed Folks) Finding a Life Rhythm that insulates them from the financial roller coaster is the pot at the end of the rainbow . . . The Holy Grail of the career. You know the “Real Estate Roller Coaster,” RIGHT? It’s that thing most self-employed folks experience […]

Why “Stump the Chump” has REAL value?

“Stump the Chump Free For ALL” For the past few years – EVERY week, I have offered FREE “Lunch and Learn” Mastermind events for Local REALTORS to come together to explore issues and opportunities we all face in the current market environment. I always invite local businesses to “Feed and Educate” those who come . […]

RCE – 203(k) – FREE LUNCH . . . and more . . .

“RCE” = REALTOR Communication Etiquette Effective and efficient REALTOR to REALTOR communication is essential if our collective goal is to serve our public impeccably, right? After all, we ARE “Real Estate Sales Professionals,” and as “Professionals” we pride ourselves in our ability to communicate. We don’t all have to always agree, the occasional dropped ball […]

Baby Boomer Marketing – Reverse Mortgages – YOU are invited!

        YOU are invited to a VERY important conversation Unlocking the potential of working with Baby Boomers Wednesday May 2, 2012 10 AM Freeman Webb Mortgage – 3810 Bedford Ave., Suite 300 FREE Lunch Provided by Cathy Cowan and Phillip Fenton Please RSVP by return email (Limited Seating) Without question, we REALTORS (and […]

Marketing 101 – Getting yourself and your listings NOTICED – Lunch and Learn

Good morning! YOU are invited to join us in a very important conversation: Wednesday 4/18 10 AM Mastermind 11 FREE Lunch Provided by Scott Caden and 5/3 Mortgage Scott has a “Homes 123” program that just might be a great marketing leverage tool for all of us 🙂 Please RSVP – Limited Seating – Location […]