Monday Morning Coffee – When a Team Comes Together

We see it every day . . . A team of talented performers/players who show up for the game and everything goes wrong. It’s these out of synch moments that can be real morale killers. Often, the first fumble can kill any possibility of early momentum to carry through the rough parts of the match. […]

Divine Intervention?

My daughter had forgotten to print her final draft of her essay before we left for school this morning, so I turned the car around and embarked on the race to get home and than back to her school before the bell. I would need everything to align . . . Traffic lights all GREEN […]

What’s LUCK got to do with it?

When talking about a High Performing person, it’s easy to blame her success on LUCK! The green monster of envy often shows up, and folks might snarl and say things like: “OH! She’s just LUCKY . . . She has that Midas touch! Everything she touches turns into GOLD! . . . It’s just NOT FAIR because she […]