Moving the ball forward . . .

Everyone has those days when they work and work and work and seem to be accomplishing little (or nothing). In fact, sometimes it may feel like the results are BACKWARDS. How do you think a running back feels in a football game? Even the best running backs on the planet are doing pretty fantastic if […]

The Power of Simple Math

Do you remember your math classes while in school? Each semester and each year built upon the accumulated knowledge learned, beginning – well – in kindergarten. This accumulation opened the way for solving more complicated processes. Algebra Trigonometry Calculus and so on . . . As I witness my daughters (5th and 8th Grades) work […]

Creating the perfect year (An invitation)

Think back . . . If you were to pick a favorite year in your life, which one would it be? Why was it so special? What did you do THAT year that you haven’t accomplished any other year? What would it take to create your 2013 year to be better than THAT year? Is […]