Surprised and Delighted

I walked into my bank Pinnacle Financial Partners a few weeks ago, and my “Personal Banker” Cheryl Plummer said that Connie (Client Service Specialist) had some books for me . . . Would I like to read them? Because I had used their “Learning Center” several times, and have them on my email distribution for […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Nashville Combat

“Leadership is a potent combination of Strategy and Character. But if you must be without one, be without Strategy” General H. Norman Schwarzkopf There’s somewhat of a war unfolding here in Nashville. It all began when Mary Catherine Bradshaw veteran educator and diehard champion of the IB (Inter Baccalaureate) program at Hillsboro High school was “removed […]

“Techniqued” again?

I’m now reading the book Go-Givers Sell More by Bob Burg & John David Mann – It’s right up my alley of living in a world in which focus is on a way of building relationships founded on a strong “securitization” (my word) of mutual: Know Like Trust Our ability to create any authentic relationship (personal […]

Be a dog in the 1st 2 quarters of 2011!

I’ve seen many predictions about the first half of 2011 . . . and to some degree, I believe that many of them will be accurate as self-fulfilling prophesies . . . but then, that’s what the “experts” are paid to do . . . Look at the trends through their crystal balls and report what […]

The cost of Loyalty may be higher than you think!

What’s loyalty cost? I believe there are two sides of the loyalty cost coin. The cost of our loyalty to others . . . or companies or products and the flip side The cost associated with KEEPING the loyalty of others. Seth Godin wrote a great blog post today and got me thinking. He said: […]