Thriving in a Raplex environment of CHANGE! How long can you afford to be WRONG?

The brew has been spoilt! “It took me about five minutes to change my mind, after eighteen months of being wrong. I still remember how it felt to feel that flip switch in my head.” See the rest of the POst by Seth Godin here: What does it sound like when you change your mind? This […]

Effective Communication

How we communicate often differentiates the smooth deals from the nightmares. In this world of high technology, it’s not uncommon to complete an entire real estate transaction without ever getting face-to-face with the other agent. I like it better when I have more familiarity than their picture on my smart phone, don’t you? What are […]

Addicted to Social Media?

Who do you know who you are quite certain is addicted to Social Media? Are You? Let’s be honest . . . Do you communicate with Friends, family, work associates more through Facebook than any other means? Are you taking pictures of most meals? “checking in” everywhere you go? Texting while driving? Do you speak […]

Connections . . . What good are they?

Are you “Well Connected?” How many “Friends do you have?” Do these “Relationships” fulfill you (personally and/or professionally)? How many of these “Friends” do you REALLY know? Of those you really DO know, with whom do you interact with frequency at anything other than a shallow contact? Where are they? Facebook? Twitter? Skype? Linkedin? Branchout? […]

Social Media – Filling in some blanks – Friday 6/10 – Will U B There?

Hope you’re having a great week! In our weekly series of “Guided Dialog Masterminds” each Friday, we are quickly becoming POWERFUL. Join us at any one or ALL of the below classes THIS FRIDAY June 10 @ Pinnacle Bank Green Hills on Crestmoor Blogging – Social Media – WordPress 9-9:45 – Have you heard of blogging […]