Can you Succeed in Nashville Real Estate Sales AND have a Life?

MUST Real Estate Sales Professionals work 24/7/365 in order to succeed? How many waking hours/week do you give to you business? How many waking hours/week do you give to your self, your friends, and your family? I say “waking hours” because it’s not fair to count the hours when sleeping. How often do you experience […]

Ready – Set – GO! – Monday Morning Coffee

We learned this at an early age! In almost everything we’ve ever done, we been taught to be prepared . . . such that, when the time is right, . . . we can quickly get “set” mentally, physically, and organizationally to . . . GO! – LAUNCH! – TAKE ACTION! We know that our […]

How much is too much coddling?

We REALTORS like to coddle our clients! Yep! We pour our hearts and souls and seemingly limitless energy and time into being sure that our client gets EVERYTHING she wants while experiencing minimal angst and inconvenience. Buying or selling a house is a process with many moving parts and myriad personalities in the mix. There’s […]

Isn’t it nigh time to stop the madness?

“Raplex” = RAPID and COMPLEX blended! That’s our environment, and for most folks it means a feeling of Chaos. Not many people love feeling out of control most of the time. Who’s in charge of your daily destiny? You? or everyone else? How many years have you set new goals only to end up having […]

So much to do – So Little Time

Feeling frazzled? Like a gerbil on an exercise wheel – running, running, running and not making progress? or like a dog chasing his tail. Are you so busy you don’t know what to do next? This feeling of being out of control from the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning til you […]