The end is near . . . Monday Morning Coffee!

Yes! These are ominous times If you allow them to be . . . Oh! I can think of a million (or more) reasons for all of us to be worried in the present or wary of the future or depressed and lacking motivation. Every day is shorter than the one before, and less daylight […]

Notoriety or Invisibility in the Nashville Real Estate Market?

Are you a “Secret Agent?” Seriously! How many people do you remind on a regular basis that you are a Real Estate Sales Person? “Secret Agents” tend not to be all that successful in sales . . . Are you consistently working with the “right” people . . . The people who live in (or […]

That whirlwind of chaos . . . VAMOOSE!

Is this URGENT matter IMPORTANT? As we all spin through our own versions of living, we face LOTS of urgency. EVERYONE seems to want EVERYTHING . . . NOW!!!!! What one person thinks is extremely urgent may not be all that important to other people. We must know the difference AND have the gumption to […]

Can you Succeed in Nashville Real Estate Sales AND have a Life?

MUST Real Estate Sales Professionals work 24/7/365 in order to succeed? How many waking hours/week do you give to you business? How many waking hours/week do you give to your self, your friends, and your family? I say “waking hours” because it’s not fair to count the hours when sleeping. How often do you experience […]

Ready – Set – GO! – Monday Morning Coffee

We learned this at an early age! In almost everything we’ve ever done, we been taught to be prepared . . . such that, when the time is right, . . . we can quickly get “set” mentally, physically, and organizationally to . . . GO! – LAUNCH! – TAKE ACTION! We know that our […]