What is the definition of YOU?

When have you taken the time to ponder why you are here? What’s your purpose while here on the planet Earth? Are you serving that purpose, or are you serving someone else’s . . . ? What do people say about you when you aren’t in the room? Do “they” know what you stand for? […]

One thing not to do

How’s your list of things to do looking these days? If it’s anything like mine, it can be overwhelming. Do you feel like that gerbil on the exercise wheel running running running and getting nowhere? The faster you go the behinder you get? Not enough hours in the day . . . STOP the madness! […]

2 great BIG ROCKS

How focused are you? Are you focused on the right things – The things that REALLY matter? Do you occasionally stop what you’re doing and ask yourself: “What am I DOING with my life?” Feeling fulfilled? I’m tricking you into “mid-life crisis” . . . Tongue in cheek aside, I’m prepping myself for a morning […]