Back to the basics . . .

Businesses WIN on the “Fundamentals” My friend Joe Calloway┬áis a brilliant Author and Speaker who has helped MANY organizations improve themselves. What I like most about Joe’s work (Message) is all that it’s not . . . a complex algorithm . . . or a bunch of hype . . . or even rocket science. […]

Personal BEST!

Make every moment better than before. When I was swimming competitively, my coach always emphasized that we should each swim every race to achieve our “Personal Best.” The rationale was . . . As long as our race time were always our personal best, we would always be a WINNER regardless of our placing relative […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Weeding the Garden

If you want a good crop of vegetables from your garden, Weeding is necessary. Wouldn’t it be great if gardening was as easy as turning the soil of a swatch in your back yard, sowing a variety of seeds, and turning on the sprinkler every morning for 30 minutes? That’s fantasy thinking because without a […]

Choosing Chaos?

Is it the adrenaline RUSH? Do you get a pathological cheap thrill from reeling out of control? Speed and Busyness often create a mess and seldom yield reliable goal achievement. Are you PROUD of your lack of discipline? Why label yourself as one of those people who CAN’T . . . ? So often, I […]

we’re all just juggling

Go ahead and admit that you’re a juggler! IN the literal sense, a juggler keeps more than one ball (or object) in the air at a time and gives the observer the illusion that he has some mystical multi-tasking ability. the reality of this act act is that the juggler is only touching one ball […]