Monday Morning Coffee – What Good are Leaders?

Good Monday Morning! The past few weeks have been chock full of surprises on many levels for many people. Markets are shifting, Technology is morphing, EVERYTHING seems to be CHANGING – Always! Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply make a plan and actually stick to THAT plan from conception to Mission Accomplishment without […]

Inviting Success Vs Avoiding Success

Of course, you would be APPALLED if I were to accuse you of having a tendency to AVOID SUCCESS! Well . . . Here it is . . . If you were to “audit” your Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly actions – Your use of the available Time, Energy, and Money and measure what you are […]

The Power of Simple Math

Do you remember your math classes while in school? Each semester and each year built upon the accumulated knowledge learned, beginning – well – in kindergarten. This accumulation opened the way for solving more complicated processes. Algebra Trigonometry Calculus and so on . . . As I witness my daughters (5th and 8th Grades) work […]

Is it REALLY a team?

My daughter Jessica went all “Metaphysical” on me today after her Basketball game. Her team of 12 girls has plenty of talent . . . and drive . . . and play well together on the court (for the most part). But when they’re not HOT (Like today), They lose BIG. After the first half, […]

Monday Morning Coffee – What matters?

“What Matters?” evokes myriad answers and the possibility of very deep thoughts in a world in which we often find ourselves absorbed with more of the shallow stuff that doesn’t. I believe it begins with: “where we want to go” What’s your “theme” at this point in your life? What is it for which you […]