Creating the perfect year (An invitation)

Think back . . . If you were to pick a favorite year in your life, which one would it be? Why was it so special? What did you do THAT year that you haven’t accomplished any other year? What would it take to create your 2013 year to be better than THAT year? Is […]

Who are you and where are you going?

So . . . Do you know? Who are you? What are your roles in life? Where are you going? What are your goals . . . your purpose? This course is NOT just for REALTORS – It’s applicable to ANY life and career 🙂 These are the kinds of questions we asked in today’s […]

Increasing FLOW into and THROUGH 2013 – A special workshop

I’m thinking about how we’re all going to maximize our productivity, efficiency, and have more FUN than EVER as we roll towards and through 2013. so . . . I’m offering a “mini-series” workshop of lunch and learns during which we will focus on: Time management Self Management People Management Getting Organized Relationships that MATTER […]

Prioritization Machine

Today, I was rambling through my Saturday morning Computer/internet “routine” which is as ADD as anything I ever do . . . COMPLETELY without structure – Form – Direction – Purpose . . . No focus whatsoever. I do this “routine” because it always seems to lead to some of the most amazing (to me) […]

Insulating yourself from the Financial Roller Coaster

For many Real Estate Professionals (and other Independent contractors/Self-Employed Folks) Finding a Life Rhythm that insulates them from the financial roller coaster is the pot at the end of the rainbow . . . The Holy Grail of the career. You know the “Real Estate Roller Coaster,” RIGHT? It’s that thing most self-employed folks experience […]