Yet another reason to live today like there’ll be no tomorrow . . .

It’s so cliche. Do you know how much more time you have to live on this earth? When’s the last time you thought such deep and mysterious thoughts? When you die . . . what do want on your epitaph? Are these morbid questions, or are they worth asking once in a while because we […]

“Remember not the things of the Past”

“I am doing something NEW – Begin AGAIN!” Together now: “Remember not the things of the Past – I am doing something NEW – Begin AGAIN!” I heard this in church this past Sunday and had to write it down. How often do we remember the things of the past and allow them to control our […]

Monday Morning Coffee – TTPP – Bringing your Power to Bear

At the end of our first soccer practice of the season, our revered Coach Marmolejo called the parents into a huddle and handed all of us a 3 sheets of paper stapled together and gave us a short explanation of how we would be coaching our young athletes this season. The sheets came from the […]

The Responsibilities of an Accountability Partner

This week, I began facilitation of “LRW2 – Life Rhythm Workshop 2” This first of a 6 session series is all about guiding the participants towards learning/remembering their Life Purpose and acknowledging their myriad Life Roles while living here amongst the rest of us. We then take the next step of painting a picture of […]