Monday Morning Coffee – Weeding the Garden

If you want a good crop of vegetables from your garden, Weeding is necessary. Wouldn’t it be great if gardening was as easy as turning the soil of a swatch in your back yard, sowing a variety of seeds, and turning on the sprinkler every morning for 30 minutes? That’s fantasy thinking because without a […]

Choosing Chaos?

Is it the adrenaline RUSH? Do you get a pathological cheap thrill from reeling out of control? Speed and Busyness often create a mess and seldom yield reliable goal achievement. Are you PROUD of your lack of discipline? Why label yourself as one of those people who CAN’T . . . ? So often, I […]

Start – Accessories – System Tools – Disk Cleanup

When my computer starts acting funky, I go into troubleshooting mode. I know that, unless there’s a nasty virus, she can fix herself if I prompt her appropriately. Of course, the first step is “REBOOT” . . . Just a normal log-off and a restart. 80% of the time, that does the trick. I don’t […]

One Less thing to do . . .

My Father Harrison Owen hit THIS nail on the head! I pilfered the following gems from a post he wrote yesterday on the Open Space Technology Listserve: “With increasing age and experience it has become clearer and clearer that the less I do the better things work.” “It is not that I have no agency or […]

These days it’s ALL about “What Matters”

“What MATTERS” = “Your 20%” = “Your Vital Few” All the rest is the “Trivial Many.” This first time heard anyone use the words “What Matters” was @ 4 years ago. I was watching Gary Keller giving a talk about his “Quantum Leap” (Life Balance) program. He very matter-of-factly said (not an exact quote): “It ALL […]