Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD

I know I can: Mow my yard every week Paint the walls and trim in house (Inside and Out) Learn how to, then fix any electrical issues Install a new toilet Assemble stuff that needs assembling Change the oil in my car Wash and Wax my car Build a fence or a deck Clean my […]

OUCH! A 10 Hour Meeting?

Odds are good that if you were to attend a meeting that lasts 10 Hours, you would want it to be USEFUL and productive use of your time, right? I think most people will answer: “YES!” because time is valuable . . . Once you spend it, you cannot have it back. We all have […]

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Comment Verifier on Active Rain

KUDOS to Active Rain for that WAY COOL way of verifying that only real people can comment on posts. I HATE HATE HATE those obscure gray and black boxes with the sqwuigly letters that you’ve gotta type . . . Can’t ever seem to get them on the first try, BUT . . . I […]

“Someone” should DO something about this!

The traffic light is flashing yellow at the busiest intersection creating mayhem. The service at the restaurant is SLOW. The grocery store has 2 “frozen aisles” . . . on opposite ends of the store, so at the end of you shopping you either have soupy ice cream or thawed french fries. The list goes […]

What’s LUCK got to do with it?

When talking about a High Performing person, it’s easy to blame her success on LUCK! The green monster of envy often shows up, and folks might snarl and say things like: “OH! She’s just LUCKY . . . She has that Midas touch! Everything she touches turns into GOLD! . . . It’s just NOT FAIR because she […]