When a Home Buyer or Seller want to do a “Lease Purchase” deal . . .

Real Estate Sales Professionals, Mortgage Lenders, Home Buyers, and Home Sellers frequently rely on a good measure of creativity when constructing a deal that works for all parties. The collective goal is to find a deal that is agreeable to both Buyer and Seller AND is Legal and Financeable. From my perspective as a Principal […]

To “Lease to Own” or NOT to “Lease to Own” – This is the question!

Nashville’s Brian Copeland┬áposed a wonderful provocative question on our Local REALTOR forum . . . It was a benign query about “biggest landmines sellers/buyers should be aware of” with respect to “lease to own” transactions. Once I overcame the pit in my gut knee-jerk reaction to seeing the phrase “Lease to own” (because I have […]

“Rent to own” – “Lease Purchase” – Whatever you call it . . . BEWARE!

Prospective Home Buyers sometimes get very excited about buying a home . . . they imagine a price point and begin their search. This is FUN because when a Buyer shows up at any Open House or calls from a “For Sale” sign, she gets LOTS of attention. Real Estate Professionals are infinitely available to […]