These Leads are HORRIBLE!!

What good is a lead who ignores your calls, text messages, and emails? After all, you’ve spent gobs of money “investing” in that slique “Lead Generation Internet program” and almost NONE of the leads you receive are ready to buy NOW. There’s the problem . . . You NEED them to be ready NOW . […]

Your Personal Lead Generation Strategy – Do you have one?

No business can thrive without ample “leads.” Business coaches and sales managers HAMMER their sales forces to “Lead Generate” relentlessly with the possible mindset that volume takes care of everything. This becomes a numbers game . . . How many leads will we have to “generate” to score a customer . . . and how […]

If you’re not doing these 2 things you are not in business

Every business owner MUST build a business that does THESE 2 things well: Lead Generate Lead Convert If you are a sole proprietor, YOU are responsible for doing these 2 things well enough to create the income necessary to stay in business. The secret to success is to engage appropriate LEVERAGE to create an environment […]

The peril of scripts and dialogs for Sales People

How authentic is your sales approach? When you are Lead Generating, who speaks more words in each of your interactions – You or the Prospect? Is your goal to SELL, capture the lead, or build a foundation for a relationship? How many questions do you ask, and do you actively listen to the prospect’s responses? […]