Breaking away from the Herd!

 sheeple PRONUNCIATION: (SHEE-puhl)   MEANING: noun: People who unquestioningly accept what’s said by a political leader, marketer, etc.   ETYMOLOGY: A blend of sheep + people. Earliest documented use: 1945. USAGE: “The general public — the mass of sheeple — want to cling to two core beliefs.” Pinchas Landau; Who’s in Charge?; Jerusalem Post (Israel); […]

Go ahead and Take a Stand – Monday Morning Coffee!

For many, it’s easy to fall into the abyss of feeling powerless! We all have moments of doubt, anger, frustration . . . and a burning desire for “things to be different.” We might stew in our wonderment as to how we have gotten ourselves into this uncomfortable spot coupled by a fear of “facing […]