Monday Morning Coffee – Lunatics Taking over the Asylum

Does the word BLOVIATE bring anyone you know top of mind? bloviate PRONUNCIATION: (BLO-vee-ayt)  MEANING: verb intr.: To speak pompously. ETYMOLOGY: Pseudo-Latin alteration of blow (to boast). Earliest documented use: 1845. From There are other words for folks like this – One of my favorites: pon·tif·i·cate verb pänˈtifiˌkāt/ e xpress one’s opinions in a way […]

On Ways Social Media Can Be Socially Suicidal – BONUS – 2 Top 10 Lists

There are not many people in the “civilized world” who are not engaged/participating in some form of social media. Facebook alone boasts over a HALF BILLION users (Yes! 500,000,000+) – and there’s Twitter and Snapchat and instagram and facetime and linkedin and and and . . . A friend on Facebook shared this link: Facebook […]

Are you still listening?

Pandora Radio asked me: “Are you still listening?” We pay for each song we play, so we try not to play to an empty room” Don’t we ALL “pay for each song we play?” Whether it be the telling of a story, a simple conversation, a performance, a job we’re doing, a blog we’re writing […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Your Life Rhythm Budget

Some folks saw the word “Budget” in the title and have chosen not to read this post. “Budget” has a bad rap for many people because of implications of “Discipline” – “Restrictions” – “Boundaries” – “Rigidity” – “Creativity/Innovation inhibitor” . . . “Budget” often offers the perfect escape hatch from new ideas for PIC’s (People […]

Knowing who you are is THE prerequisite . . .

If you surf over to, you’ll find a VERY popular website authored by “Jeff Goins Writer.” At first glance, you might assume that Jeff’s last name is “Writer” . . . because everywhere you see “Jeff Goins,” the word “Writer” follows. Why? Jeff Goins Writer KNOWS who he is (a Writer) and has unashamedly […]