Going to the well of wisdom

As much as we all would like to think that we know it all . . . You know – We’re the quintessential professionals who have a staid commitment to staying abreast of all of the quirks and trends of our industry. We attend myriad classes and seminars and webinars and read books and network […]

Win with Authenticity

Evangelists who “Walk their Talk” attract more followers than others. Educators who have passion for and use their teachings are more believable . . . and have FULL classrooms every semester. Dietitians who are active and healthy tend to have very little need for large marketing budgets. Speakers who speak with passion about their OWN […]

Monday Morning Coffee – What do we ACTUALLY Know?

ummm . . . yep! It’s Wednesday already, and I’m just now getting “Monday Morning Coffee” off the presses. I promise it’s not because I’ve been sitting on the couch this week eating bon-bons and watching TV. First thing Monday morning, I hit the ground running with the Nike Tag line firmly etched in my […]

A Professionalism Litmus Test

As I journey along in my practice as Real Estate Sales Professional, I learn more from my colleagues in our day-to-day interactions and negotiations than any other resource. For sure, every human is a valuable RESOURCE in his/her chosen field of expertise. This is not just about Learned Knowledge because I know that most humans […]

When you don’t know what to do . . .

There are those times when we simply don’t know what to do. Of course the strong, burly types would never admit to needing help or counsel. Most Men wouldn’t DARE stop and ask for directions. Many professionals are so proud of their depth of knowledge, they wouldn’t even think of showing any sign of weakness […]