Back to the basics . . .

Businesses WIN on the “Fundamentals” My friend Joe Calloway is a brilliant Author and Speaker who has helped MANY organizations improve themselves. What I like most about Joe’s work (Message) is all that it’s not . . . a complex algorithm . . . or a bunch of hype . . . or even rocket science. […]

Are YOU #1?

REALLY? My friend Joe Calloway (“performance coach and advisor who helps great companies get even better,” Business Author and Speaker) wrote a post a couple of days ago that continues to swirl in my head. Check it out here: A dangerous assumption you may be making. The wisdom Joe imparts is multidimensional, but I take away the […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Personal “Board of Directors”

Good morning! Do you have a “Personal Advisory Board of Directors? I’m not talking about a staunch group of stiff-shirts who have full authority over your every move and/or decision . . . I’m talking about a group of people you know and trust, all of whom you KNOW will ALWAYS tell you the truth. […]

It’s Right over there – you can’t miss it . . .

I ask: “Where is it?” He says: “It’s right over there! You Can’t miss it” I go “over there” and don’t see “it” . . . feeling ignorant and slightly embarrassed for my ineptitude, I ask again: “WHERE?” “Over THERE!” AACK! I go back “over there” and begin visualization exercises . . . In my […]