Compromised Standards – An Integrity Issue?

Most Organizations (and people) have standards. When folks talk about “Raising the Bar,” they’re acknowledging that they have just increased their standards. “We used to do things this way, and then we found and adopted a better way which has become a part of our new and improved STANDARD.” These standards are descriptive of how […]

The Demise of the RSVP

What is the value of an RSVP? First a definition: “RSVP is a request for a response from the invited person or people. It is an initialism derived from the French phrase répondez s’il vous plaît, meaning “please respond.” So . . . You’ve invited a group of people, and you are asking them to “RSVP” […]

You said you wanted to do the right thing!

Did you mean it? I clearly remember you saying that you would do whatever was necessary to “make things right.” After all, you ARE a “good person” . . . “of your word,” Right? A person of integrity . . . and you’ve changed your mind? Why? What changed? When it came time to do […]


  I just started using Evernote because I felt the need for a tool that could help me : Remember Everything  I knew, when I saw the logo, that I had found the right app . . . After all, EVERYONE knows that elephants Remember Everything. What I didn’t know was the impact using Evernote would […]

Unfriend As The Demise of Commitment

“Commitment Issues” complicate. Folks who are not willing to commit are considered to be “Wishy Washy” – Flakey – Unreliable – Unpredictable . . . Unwilling to take responsibility. In fact, it might be said that without a measure of commitment, you stand for . . . NOTHING! Facebook’s a fun place to hang out. […]