Unleashing YOUR IDeaVirus

Good morning! I’m a believer that 2011 holds a LOT of promise for being a great year for all of us . . . There’s a caveat, though . . . It ain’t going to be easy. There is NO more important time than NOW for all of us to communicate and share and take […]

Monday Morning Coffee – “Unleashing The Ideavirus”

Good Morning! Are we going to make it through a week without SNOW here in Middle TN? All of the snow resulted in more distractions than usual for this time of year for me (Kids out of school and icey roads) and has caused me to do more of something I really enjoy doing – READING! […]

Hey Marketing Genius! Are you barkin’ up the right tree?

This month’s Book for the “Pareto Realty Book Club” is Seth Godin’s “Unleashing the Ideavirus” which can be found (Buy or free down-load): http://www.sethgodin.com/ideavirus/ In the forward, Malcolm Gladwell (Wrote The Tipping Point) says: “this notion says that the most successful ideas are those that spread and grow because of the customer’s relationship to other […]