Playing the Housing market

There are some uncanny similarities between the actions and tactics of people playing the stock market and Some Home Buyers and Sellers. These folks think about buying a house a LONG time before deciding to take action . . . mostly because they come into the process with preconceived ideas as to values and getting […]

Re-allocate that election energy . . .

It’s over! The Election is OVER! The campaigns are OVER! Now . . . Let’s get back to business. For nearly 2 years, we’ve heard every politician spewing rhetoric about how they all intend to steer America towards economic recovery through job creation. Little did they know . . . we REALTORS have been conspiring […]

What’s it worth?

What’s WHAT worth? Whatever “IT” is . . . It’s worth what a Buyer is willing to pay. Is that ALWAYS true? In most things, YES! In real estate . . . maybe not! If a lender is going to assume the bulk of the financial risk by funding the purchase, that lender is going […]

Monday Morning Coffee – More days to be Thankful

If you’re reading this message, you have many people for whom to be thankful. The planets have aligned, synchronicity has occurred, and EXACTLY the right people have come along at the right times . . . The right things have happened . . . and it all started at the right time (on the day […]